Award: Blog of the Week

I’ve just returned from another blog-worthy weekend to the fantastic news that this here blog has been selected for another high honor –’s Blog of the Week!

I promise, the stuff you’re really interested in is coming soon. You can look forward to stories about the oh-so-common indecent exposure on China’s streets and sidewalks; photos and details from my beautiful trip to Zhaoqing, the Yangshuo of Guangdong Province; and more posts about teaching. I know you’re getting impatient, so feel free to click here and read my essay about teaching in Thailand over at Wandering Educators.

But seriously. If you’re interested in traveling with a purpose, is your one-stop shop. Whether you’re planning to volunteer, study, intern or work overseas , has the resources to help you. It even has a job resource page especially for Teach Abroad opportunities and TEFL certification programs.

Plus, the best part about, for me, is that it’s headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, precisely where I’ll be this time next year. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to meet the guys and gals who make this site work – and maybe, just maybe, they’ll be hiring 😉

Check out their nice write-up about MissAdveture here.

GoAbroad - Welcome to the resource for meaningful travel!


Award: Blog of the Week

Written by:Jessica J. Hill

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