Smith Rock State Park

I didn’t mean to lie to you, but I did. I lied in my post about rock climbing in Krabi, when I said I had never climbed in Oregon, despite my proximity to one of the country’s most popular climbing destinations: Smith Rock State Park.

The day after I told you that, an opportunity arose. An old friend of mine would be climbing there, he said, and I was welcome to join.

“You don’t mind dealing with a beginner…or two?” I asked, knowing I would drag my friend Autumn along with me, against her will.

“Not at all, a buddy and I are just hanging out for the day.”

We stopped by Redpoint Climber’s Supply on our way through Terrebonne to rent shoes ($8/day) from Eric, the easy-going owner.

“Hey, have fun out there!” he said. “I close at 6 today, but if you’re still climbing, I’ll probably run into you. Just bring those shoes back tomorrow sometime.”

And so I prove, yet again, how welcoming, patient and supportive the rock climbing community really is.

We paid $5 to park and found our friends setting up a route on a rather difficult-looking, shaded rock.

Autumn is almost to the top!

“We got this,” I said to Autumn.

“The view is terrible up here!” she said from the top, looking out over the river to the massive rock formations on the other side. We all cheered from the ground.

“Thanks for making me come!” Autumn said as she rappelled back down. “I can see why people get addicted to this sport.”

I think I’m struggling…



One thought on “Smith Rock State Park

  1. I love rock climbing. Got into it during college. It’s a blast.

    Oh, and I’ve been in China ten months so far. Looking to stick around for some time, though.

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