Hairy Legs

A friend once posed a question I couldn’t confidently answer until now.

Josh, the goofball husband of Newly Domestic blogger, asked this: “If you found yourself in a culture or place where it was abnormal to shave your legs, would you do it anyway?”

Well, I’ve found myself there. Most Thai women, from the looks of things, have never put a razor to their black-haired legs. It’s a sight that put me off at first, but no longer makes me want to stare with disgust. After all, hair is natural.

But my answer remains the same: I still shave, but much less frequently. I wait until it gets to that prickly point that bothers me when I sleep (about every 4-5 days), and then I take a few lazy swipes of the razor over both calves. The thighs? Why bother. Nobody’s looking, much less judging.

Are you with me, girls? What would you do?

4 thoughts on “Hairy Legs

  1. I say Go Native!!!
    a) when in Rome, after all!
    b) If you wait a couple days past the itchy/annoying stage, you should be fine.
    c) if it turns out to be a dark mistake, it is ridiculously easy to fix! Not all mistakes are like that 😉

    But then again — I’m

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