Loy Krathong

“Do you feel like the king and queen?” I asked Jon Watkins, the other foreign English teacher at my high school in Suwannaphum, Thailand. We thought we had missed celebrating Halloween this year, but Loy Krathong fulfilled our longing for what typically begins the holiday season in America.

A Buddhist festival held on the full moon of November, Loy Krathong is meant for thanking the Gods and Goddesses of water and light with an ornate celebration full of gratitude and prayer. While most travel sites will tell you to witness the festivity in a large city such as Bangkok or Chiang Mai, I found our small town event to be quite special.

On the ninth of November, a Wednesday, and the day before this year’s Loy Krathong, at least four teachers told me to sleep well as I left the school.

“You have a big day tomorrow,” they said with a chuckle. “I can’t wait!” I replied with only a hint of sarcasm. I had no idea what they had planned.

The next day, nearly everybody wished us luck as we walked out of the morning meeting. I noticed the panic on Jon’s face and I giggled. How bad could it be?

Continued at NorthernThailand.com. Read the full story here!

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