Monks & Monkeys

I used to beg my parents for a pet monkey. I had it all figured out. I would build a cage (and by I, I meant my Dad of course) in the outside corner of our house where the monkey would have access to my second-story bedroom. Everywhere I went I’d pull him behind me in my little red wagon.

I’d buy all the food, I promised, though I’m not sure how I was planning to get the money.

I’d even train him to behave – just like I trained my horse to jump fence and the family dog to roll over.

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No matter how many promises I made, the answer was always the same.

They pick their butts.

It’s true, but that didn’t stop my desire. I would sit in my room at night and ask God to miraculously appear a monkey outside my window. I did not grow up religious, but even then I knew God was supposed to deliver things your parents could/would not. In the years to follow, I filled my wants with other things and forgot about the monkey.
Until recently.

To read the rest of this story about my visit to Ku Phra Ko Na temple in Ban Ku, visit, where you’ll eventually find even more from me under “The Teacher’s Tales.”

8 thoughts on “Monks & Monkeys

  1. Jessica, this is so cool! I’ve been reading all your posts, although not leaving any comments, just taking it all in and loving your stories. I’m wondering how you got your material on the Northern Thailand website? Seems like an accomplishment to me, and for that I say congratulations! I hope more people can be exposed to your adventures, MissAdventure…they’re so much fun to experience from way back home.

  2. I feel as though I recall you mentioning your desire for a pet monkey I thought thats why we all stayed such good friends. We are all monkeys… at least when we go out out! hehe love you girl

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  4. My aunt had a pet monkey. It was mean and tried to bite everyone. Also, it threw poo whenever it could. No matter what, she always kept that monkey, in a cage, outside, where it made lots of horrible noises.

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